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This article defines a property of commutative unital rings; a property that can be evaluated for a commutative unital ring
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Krull's principal ideal theorem, often abbreviated as the PIT, is a statement about a property (condition) that Noetherian rings satisfy. Krull also came up with a class of integral domains, called Krull domains, which satisfy the property.


A study of rings satisfying PIT was undertaken, for instance, in the paper On the generalized principal ideal theorem and Krull domains by Anderson, Dobbs, Eakin and Heinzer.


Definition with symbols

A commutative unital ring R is said to satisfy PIT or satisfy the Principal Ideal Theorem if given x \in R, and given P as a prime ideal minimal amoung the primes containing x, the codimension of P is at most 1.

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  • On the generalized principal ideal theorem and Krull domains by David F. Anderson, David E. Dobbs, Paul M. Eakin, Jr. and William J. Heinzer, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 146, No. 2, 1990