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This article defines a property of commutative unital rings; a property that can be evaluated for a commutative unital ring
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Symbol-free definition

A commutative unital ring is termed a principal ideal ring if every ideal in it is principal, that is, if every ideal is generated by a single element.

Definition with symbols

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Weaker properties


Closure under taking quotient rings

This property of commutative unital rings is quotient-closed: the quotient ring of any ring with this property, by any ideal in it, also has this property

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Closure under taking localizations

This property of commutative unital rings is closed under taking localizations: the localization at a multiplicatively closed subset of a commutative unital ring with this property, also has this property. In particular, the localization at a prime ideal, and the localization at a maximal ideal, have the property.
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