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This article defines a property of commutative unital rings; a property that can be evaluated for a commutative unital ring
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This property of commutative unital rings is completely determined by the spectrum, viewed as an abstract topological space. The corresponding property of topological spaces is: topological space with exactly one closed point

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Symbol-free definition

A commutative unital ring is termed a local ring if it satisfies the following equivalent conditions:

  • It has a unique maximal ideal
  • There is exactly one homomorphism from the commutative unital ring whose image is a field
  • There is exactly one closed point in the spectrum (corresponding to the unique maximal ideal)

Definition with symbols

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Analogues in other algebraic structures

  • One-headed group in group theory, is a group that has a proper normal subgroup that contains every proper normal subgroup.
  • Local ring in noncommutative algebra.