Finite-dimensional ring

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This article defines a property of commutative unital rings; a property that can be evaluated for a commutative unital ring
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This property of commutative unital rings is completely determined by the spectrum, viewed as an abstract topological space. The corresponding property of topological spaces is: finite bound on length of ascending chains of irreducible closed subsets

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Symbol-free definition

A finite-dimensional ring is a ring whose Krull dimension is finite.

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In general, a polynomial ring over a finite-dimensional ring need not be finite-dimensional; when the ring is Noetherian, however, the polynomial ring is finite-dimensional, with dimension exactly one more than that of the original ring.

Closure under taking quotient rings

This property of commutative unital rings is quotient-closed: the quotient ring of any ring with this property, by any ideal in it, also has this property

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