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This is {{quotation|Welcome to '''Commalg (the The Commutative Algebra and /Algebraic Geometry wikiWiki)'''. We've sort of just got started, so we're in a pre-pre-alpha stage. Most of the contents have been written by [[User:Vipul|Vipul Naik]], a Ph.D. student in Mathematics at the University of Chicago. There are currently about 300 articles.}}
Much We're in the process of it is patterned preparing pages that'll help you guide yourself through the wiki. In the meantime, go ahead and use the links on the {{gpwiki}}left-hand column to navigate the wiki, and learn more about searching the wiki at [[Help:Searching Commalg]].
It is currently In the interim, {{gpwiki}} will give some idea of the directions in a very preliminary stage and may contain a number of factual errors. It which this wiki is meant only for private useheadedIt may never become sturdy enough for public use! Other wikis on the same pattern:
* {{gpwiki}}
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