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The wiki is administered by [[User:Vipul|Vipul Naik]], a B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics student<big>'''MediaWiki has been successfully installed.'''</big>
Currently, Consult the wiki is in alpha[http://meta. It will be appreciated if you do not make edits directly to the pages because the edit policies have not yet been fully laid outwikipedia. Till then, please use org/wiki/MediaWiki_User%27s_Guide User's Guide] for information on using the talk pages to suggest editswiki software.
The content and policies of the wiki are modelled along those of the [ Group properties wiki].== Getting started ==
Places to start from: * [[:Category: Properties of commutative rings]]* [[:Category: Properties of noncommutative rings]]* [[http:Category// Basic definitions in ring theory]Configuration_settings Configuration settings list]* [[http:Category// Basic definitions in commutative ring theory]FAQ MediaWiki FAQ]* [[http:Category: Properties of ideals in commutative rings]// MediaWiki release mailing list]
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