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Article requesting is a new feature on Commalg, that will hopefully help make Commalg better meet the needs of those who use its content.

The article requesting feature is to request for new articles, not ofr changes or augmentation of existing articles. For augmentation of existing articles, please place your requests or comments on the talk page of that article (click on the discussion tab on the top of the article where you want some augmentations done).

After reading this explanatory note, please click on one of the article types for request:

  • Definition article requests: These are requests for articles defining a term. For instance, you may want an article that defines the notion of profinite group. Before making a definition article request, please see definition lookup to be sure that what you're looking for isn't already there.
  • Fact article requests: These are requests for articles that state, and prove, a fact, which may be a theorem, or a small proposition, or just an observation. Note that if a fact article exists but does not contain a full proof, please place a request for the proof on the talk page of the fact article. You might consider seeing fact lookup to make sure that the fact you're after, isn't already there on the wiki.
  • Survey article requests: These are requests for articles surveying a particular topic; for instance, articles describing why a concept is important, how one can apply a particular theorem, and so on.

Some further things that will help make article requesting a better feature:

  • Please put each article request in a separate section header. If you have a name in mind for the article, please use that name as the section header.
  • Please sign all article requests. Put four tildes at the end of your message, for an automatic signature with timestamp.
  • When replying to, or giving further comments for, an existing article request, please put your reply within the same section, and after the previous messages in that section. Also sign your replies.
  • In the article request, state what you would like to see in the article, and if articles on the subject exist elsewhere, give links or references. Also, indicate the categories or subcategories within which you expect the article to fall.